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Financial Planning Process

A Six-Step Process


At the beginning of the financial planning process, I will help you create a personal profile.  This profile provides a snapshot of your current financial situation, along with your long-term goals and priorities.  Consulting with your other professional service providers such as your CPA and attorney is sometimes an important part of the data collection and gathering process.

Data Analysis and Financial Plan Construction

Next we analyze your profile data to determine the best way to construct a financial plan based on your specific needs and circumstances.  This review takes into account your risk tolerance, time horizon, tax sensitivity, cash-flow needs and other nuances.  We then create your personalized financial plan to guide the investment process.   We use the information in your financial plan to match you with a high quality third party institutional money manager with whom we partner  to make the day- to-day investment decisions on your behalf.

Guided by our Sector and Style Investing Philosophy

Based on our analysis of economic and world market trends, and with guidance from our “Roundtable Advisors,” we conduct extensive due diligence on the institutional money managers which match our desired style or investments that would be appropriate for an individual client.  We believe in selecting high quality institutional money managers who have a proven track record of success, based on this top-level guidance. 

Refine The Financial Plan

We share our analysis and work with you to review and refine the proposed plan until we have a financial plan that you thoroughly understand and approve. Our recommendations are guided by our economic analysis and encompass all aspects of your investment strategy including asset allocation and selection of investment vehicles and or money managers. We will also consult with your professional service providers to be sure we are constructing a portfolio that is tax efficient and in alignment with your overall objectives.

Monitor Economic Trends and Your Progress

We monitor your financial plan and the progress of selected money managers we have chosen to make the day to day investment decisions on our behalf.  You can expect communication from us throughout the year to provide performance updates, investor education and information about investment opportunities that you may want to consider.

Ongoing Planning 

Changes in your finances or life impact your financial plan. To make sure your investments continue to keep pace with your life as it changes, we regularly review your financial plan and update when required.  We also monitor the performance of the third party managers and will make recommendations to replace a manager if and when appropriate.