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Insurance Planning

Client Centered

Having the right insurance coverage can make or break your plan and we will help clarify your options whether it be life, liability, health, or other areas of coverage. Life insurance is used for a variety of reasons: family income, business, key man, buy/sell, to cover debt and estate tax. As we discuss your plan, we can help you determine if you have any of these needs.

Our insurance planning helps you maximize your protection and lower your annual costs by:

  • Reviewing your current Long-Term Care, life, health, disability, property, casualty, and liability insurance
  • Reviewing cost/value relationship of existing coverage vs policies currently available
  • Analyzing your insurance needs vs your existing coverage
  • Analyzing, for business owners, if there is a current need for business insurance including buy/sell, key man, and liability

Insurance policies, rates, and terms can vary greatly we make sure you’re getting the maximum coverage for your premium costs.

Assess Your Life Insurance Needs