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Comprehensive Financial Planning

At Gold Tree Financial our objective with every client relationship is to engage in Comprehensive Financial, Tax, and Estate Planning. We coordinate with your existing advisors (CPAs/attorneys) to create a financial plan that accumulates wealth, limits tax liabilities, and ensures your assets don’t go to unintended heirs or to pay for a drawn-out probate process. The work we do with our clients today will ensure their needs and that of their families are accounted for now and in the future.

Our Comprehensive Planning services include:

Our Comprehensive Planning services include:


Our Comprehensive Planning will give you a complete picture of your financial world as it currently stands and provide you with a plan to get it where you want it to be. For this service we charge a planning fee. The amount is dependent on what needs to be done on your behalf. Half of the fee is paid in advance and the second half is paid upon completion of the plan prior to implementation.


Once your GTF advisor has unveiled potential issues, provided options and relevant strategies for improvement, and presented you with a complete view of your current financial picture you have two options:

  • Pay the second half of your planning fee and move forward with the implementation process with your GTF advisor.
  • Pay the second half of your planning fee and self manage the implementation of your plan.