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Preventing Unintended Heirs

Unintended heirs are those people who end up with your money, without you intending to give it to them.

Client Centered

Often when we ask our new clients, "If your son died in a car accident on the way home from your funeral what would happen to the assets you left him?" The most common answer we get is, “They  would go to his children”. When we ask, "What would make that happen?" the reply is, "It says that in our will". Their will can't leave to anyone that which belongs to their son, however, what their will does say is, "If my son dies before me, I leave those assets to his children". Therefore, we can't know where those assets will go. A likely scenario is that those assets will go to their son's wife, which might work out well, but if she remarries in a few years, and then dies prematurely, there is a possibility that those assets will go to her new husband, someone our client never even met.

This and other chain of events can be accounted for by a comprehensive up to date plan. Your plan can be structured to protect from pitfalls, mistakes, and oversights that can be found in wills, investment/insurance policy applications, standard "fill-in-the- blank" beneficiary designation forms, and other financial documents. We help our clients draft an estate transfer plan outline for delivery to an estate planning attorney to ensure their wishes are accurately reflected in their estate plan. Post estate plan draft we help our clients properly retitle all accounts to ensure that asset transfers will occur per your objectives.