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What to Expect From Us

If you contact GTF, this is what you should expect:

  1. An introductory conversation with an advisor who will explain our Retirement Roadmap process and with your help determine the vision of "What You Want".
  2. The GTF advisor will provide you a detailed list of the specific documents and information needed from you.
  3. The GTF advisor will review and assess "What you have" in your wealth engine today.
  4. The GTF advisor will share the known and unknown obstacles that exist between getting from  "What you have" to "What You Want".
  5. The GTF advisor will develop a Roadmap to get you to "What You Want" and make any changes to it based on your input.
  6. The GTF advisor will take the appropriate financial actions and manage the legal actions in order to "Get Things Changed".


Cost: At GTF, we take you through our Retirement Roadmap process which gets you from "What you have" to "What You Want". For this service we charge a planning fee. The amount is dependent on what needs to be done on your behalf.