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What to Expect

If you contact GTF, this is what you should expect:

  1. A conversation with an advisor who will explain our process
  2. The GTF advisor will provide you a List of Items Needed for Financial, Tax & Estate Planning detailing specific financial information needed from you to apprise your current financial situation.
  3. You will gather the items on the list and schedule a visit with the advisor.
  4. The GTF advisor will review and assimilate the information from the documents and discussions with you and put it into a format that will turn the lights on regarding strengths and weaknesses in your current financial picture.
  5. The GTF advisor will discuss, if things are left as they are:
  6. What might happen
  7. What you would like to happen
  8. What could happen
  9. If you have no issues with any of the above, there is nothing further to do
  10. If any of the above is of concern, the GTF advisor will provide options for correction / improvement
  11. You will elect what, if anything, you wish to adjust


Cost: At GTF, we address everything in your financial world, not just things that involve revenue to GTF. Accordingly, we charge a Planning Fee. The amount is dependent on what needs to be done on your behalf. Half the fee is paid in advance; half is paid upon implementation of changes, if any.


Disclosure: Once your GTF advisor has unveiled potential issues, provided input as to options, disclosed relevant strategies for improvement, and shared everything he/she knows relevant to your total financial picture and potential improvements, you have two options:

  • Pay the second half of your Planning Fee and move forward with implementation
  • Decline to do anything, and receive a refund of the half already paid