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New Client Process

Step 1 —

We look at where you are now and help you determine where you want to be in relation to investments, insurance, taxes, asset protection, retirement income, and estate transfers.

Step 2 —

We create an individualized Investment Portfolio Profile that factors in not only your level of risk tolerance, but also your Money Utility preferences (what you want your money to do) and use this profile to determine the advantages and disadvantages of your current strategies considering your goals.

Step 3 —

We review all we’ve learned about you and your family, develop your Asset Allocation Model, apply strategies related to your financial situation, and present you with our recommendations.

Step 4 —

We implement our financial/protection recommendations, guide you on how to implement the components that require further action from you, and work with your other advisors (CPAs/Attorneys) to implement the tax and legal components of your plan.

Step 5 —
Monitor, Update, & Service

We then “mind the store” on an ongoing basis and update you systematically. Our clients meet with their personal planner at least annually for plan reviews and updates.

Step 6 —
Beyond Financial

There’s more to life then just finances. We love  to interact with you, our clients. We keep you up to date with our weekly newsletter, do  educational events where you can hear about exciting new developments and what they mean to your finances, and host socials such as cookouts, trivia nights, and other fun events.

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