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New Client Process

It is important that potential clients understand the process we use at our firm so you understand there is no hidden agenda.  This process occurs over the course of four initial appointments.

First Appointment:  This is a time for us to get to know one another and I know your time is valuable, as is mine.  It is important that we both determine there is a good fit with one another and that we have good chemistry for what could be a very good, long-term business relationship. In this meeting we talk about what is important to you, and I explain my approach and how I am compensated. There are no decisions or commitments made by anyone at the end of the first meeting.

When we are done with the appointment, we can both take a step back and evaluate our meeting.  At this time I will consult with my team to determine if there is a good fit and we get back to you within 48 hours after this initial consultation.  We do this because we try to be all things to some people, not all things to all people.  You also need time to determine if we are a good fit for you.

Second Appointment:  The second appointment takes place once we both have made the decision to enter into a business relationship and have determined that we have a good fit.  At this meeting, I will once again describe our approach and the value added services we provide.  We will begin thoroughly reviewing your current circumstances and review or help you establish goals and objectives so that we may draft a financial plan on your behalf.

Third Appointment:  During the third appointment we will review assumptions, goals and objectives.  We will also conduct a strategy review based upon previous information provided by you.  Then we will discuss the next steps to implementation.

Fourth Meeting:  At our fourth meeting, we will begin the steps to implementation along with a review of all pertinent information to be certain we have a strategy and a financial plan that is in alignment with your goals and objectives.  Any necessary paperwork will also be signed at this time as part of the implementation process.  We will then discuss our next steps in the ongoing planning process as we monitor progress toward your planned goals and objectives.